Lack of interest New ControllerHelper Request


Well-known member
'addOnOptions' => $this->_getAddOnModel()->getAddOnOptionsListIfAvailable(),
       'addOnSelected' => (isset($entry['addon_id']) ? $entry['addon_id'] : $addOnModel->getDefaultAddOnId())
is being used very often in admin controllers

I would request to move this to a own controllerhelper. Then it would become reusable and we would need less code if we would want to use it in our own controllers:cool:

e.g. something like following code would be enough

class Dev_ControllerHelper_AddOn extends XenForo_ControllerHelper_Abstract{

  * @param null $selectedAddonId
  * @param bool $includeCustomOptions
  * @param bool $includeXenForoOptions
  * @return array
  public function getDefaultViewParams($selectedAddonId = null, $includeCustomOptions = true, $includeXenForoOptions = true){
  /** @var XenForo_Model_AddOn $addOnModel */
  $addOnModel = $this->_controller->getModelFromCache('XenForo_Model_AddOn');
  $viewParams = array(
  'addOnOptions' => $addOnModel->getAddOnOptionsListIfAvailable($includeCustomOptions,$includeXenForoOptions),
  'addOnSelected' => (isset($selectedAddonId) ? $selectedAddonId : $addOnModel->getDefaultAddOnId())

  return $viewParams;

// usage in controller:
$viewParams += $this->getHelper('Dev_ControllerHelper_AddOn')->getDefaultViewParams();

$viewParams += $this->getHelper('Dev_ControllerHelper_AddOn')->getDefaultViewParams($template['addon_id']);
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