Bye Guys!

Mike Edge

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Yeap that's right.. you finally get rid of me!!!

Well only for 10 days though! :ROFLMAO:

I will be leaving in the early morning for a 10 day vacation to Orlando, Oct 7th - 17th. I'm sure you won't fully get rid of me though, this site is too addicting and will prolly get the shakes if I don't check in a few times from my phone :cautious:

xF Host clients, PMs will not be answered while I'm away, please use our helpdesk as I have made arrangements to assure it is still covered while I'm away. During the time though, there won't be any of the extra managed services I offer clients like version upgrades, add-on installs etc. Also any new signups, there will not be any cPanel transfers during that time either.

Well see everyone on the 18th :barefoot: Don't miss me too much now :love: