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Question for any of you guys running automotive related forums or photo contests


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This one is for any of you guys running automotive related forums.

My forum is https://wranglertjforum.com

I recently decided I want to have a monthly contest where members submit images of their rides, and then during the last week of the month, we vote on them (via a poll). Whoever ends up winning will have their ride featured, and they'll also receive a $100 gift card from one of our site vendors.

Right now I'm doing this with a simple "submit photos of your ride" thread, and then creating another thread with a "vote" poll in it.

This is of course time consuming and will only get worse the more members who participate.

So I'm really wondering how to handle this and streamline the process. Is there an add-on out there that any of you guys are using? I looked at the "Competitions" add-on by @Chris D, but I'm not sure it will accomplish this.

If I can't find a solution, I may just have to pay a developer to build me a custom add-on.

Just figured I would ask first, incase one of you has a solution that might work.