Fixed Bug with creating new lines in posts


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I recently ran into a bug while posting a thread on my site. When creating threads, hitting the enter key to create a new line doesn't always work. Example thread:

Welcome to the website!​
We hope you enjoy our stay. Be sure you read the rules section before posting in the forums.​
Sincerely, Staff​
Where I can create a new line:​
  • When the cursor is in the middle of the sentence or at the end of the line
  • When the cursor is on a blank line
Where I cannot create a new line:
  • When the cursor is at the beginning of an existing line
Basically, I would be able to hit enter and make a new line if the cursor were after the word 'stay' or 'Staff', or in the blank space, but can't make a new line if the cursor is behind 'Welcome' or 'We' or 'Sincerely'. Also, keep in mind that this is just in the thread editor. When I push "Save Changes", the lines actually are created. So if I push to create a new line before 'Welcome' 10 times, it won't show in the editor, but when I save the changes it shows up on the thread... sort of inconvenient, because I don't know exactly how much space I'm putting.

Sorry if this sounds a little confusing, it's a little hard to explain.
Note* replying to threads doesn't give me any problems, can easily create new lines anywhere.

Info about our site:
Xenforo: 1.1.5
Theme: Flexile Orange
Installed Addons:


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I assume you're using Chrome/Safari? If so, it's a known issue (a browser bug actually).

However, it should be fixed in 1.2 with the new editor.