Brogan's FAQ

Ryan Kent

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...has a LOT of new information and I found it to be quite helpful.

I did have a couple fast follow up questions.

1. How do I comment in a template to add notes or remove existing code?
<xen:comment>This content is commented out</xen:comment>

What is the difference between using <!-- --> and the <xen:comment> </xen:comment> ?

2. One question I didn't see in there but would like to can I change the admin time out for the ACP? I hate having to re-log in, and it doesn't really offer any security since my browser has my password stored in it.


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Uisng xen:comment will prevent the content from being output altogether, so it won't even show up when viewing the page source.

You would probably have to change the session timer in one of the php files to increase the admin login duration.

BTW, I've got a big updated planned for the syntax and conditionals section - just need to find the time to do it.