How to deal with FAQ?


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Sorry that I only came to Xenforo with XF 2.x in 2018 and that I haven't even got all the necessary information about the 2.x yet. You can't expect me to know everything about XF 1.x as well. :rolleyes: ;)
I don't know how you are administrating your forums, but I expect my users to read FAQ - and if they ask questions that are answered in FAQ I point them to that information :)

After all that is what FAQ are for, isn't it?

What do others think about FAQ - should we expect users to read them (especially if they are stickied threads in the relevant forums (like this one) and/or point them to FAQ threads if they ask questions that are answered there?
We kindly refer our users to our FAQ or the lexicon with a link to the article.

Most users are grateful for such a tip, if it really fits their question. Of course, you shouldn't refer to the FAQ if it doesn't exactly match the question - this only creates frustration for the user.
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