@Brogan - New Installs provided?


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Did a quick search and did not see anything jump out on the page about a resource to install everything ( as a paid service ).

Does anyone offer it?
Looking for a complete install with a couple 'addons' nothing super fancy.

Willing to Paypal the cost prior to installing/ setup.

Thank you for your time!



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xenForo offers an installation service - https://xenforo.com/purchase/

Installation Service - $50*
If you lack the time or the expertise to install XenForo, this service will have a XenForo representative install the software for you, provided your hosting environment meets the requirements. This service does not include installation or configuration of server software such as MySQL or PHP.

Anything else might require a third-party service (you can request here or look for it).


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To clarify, our installation service covers the XF core forum software and official XF add-ons, all done for the same cost if purchased and installed at the same time.

For any third party add ons or styles though, that's not something we can assist with.