Broad system overview tutorial?


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Even though I am new to the xenForo community, I have been a web developer for over 16 years. I am so excited about this product and the opportunities this community represents.

The Have You Seen...? tutorials are excellent ways to learn about the various parts of the system. Would you consider a broader overview video that walks through the system at a high-level? I have dabbled with plugins on other systems (phpBB and vB) but want to get a better understanding of the framework. (things like the dispatcher, router, controller, etc. and how they all interact) Maybe have a general introductory video, with follow up tutorials on each area with a more in-depth discussion on them.

I think xenForo can quickly catch up to many of the competitors if the community can develop solid AddOns that compliment the core product. (like many of the examples that Jaxel, Shadab and others have developed) It's amazing to see what has happened in such a short time period...

I would love to hear Kier's insights on the approaches the team there has taken and ways they have implemented the platform that they find particularly interesting. I realize everyone is busy coding and getting the product launched, but these tutorials have been refreshing and very informative.




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Thanks Onimua,

I have viewed all 24 videos directly on vimeo:

which accounts for most of the posts in that thread. I have also read Lawrence's tutorial on creating an Addon. I had not yet read the How to Add More Actions to an Existing Controller post, which was great.

I am thinking more of an overview of how all the pieces work together in a broader sense. Something that shows an architecture diagram of everything, similar to this:

and how it interacts. We learn about the various classes in the MVC model, what their purposes are and how a web query starts the execution process to deliver a web page. For example, if I want to create something that's like a live stockmarket Addon for a site I am building. I will gather live data on various stocks (just the fortune 500 of the NYSE) that I want to display on my site. For scalability, I'd like to cache that data every second and deliver the cached data to all the customers. (let's assume we're delivering this to 10,000+ people each second so I don't want to compile live data for all of them) It would be useful to have a broad overview of the system and at which points I would extend it to deliver this custom module.

In the real world, it's like getting all sorts of cool information about Piccadilly Circus, Westminster Abbey and other attractions but having no concept about the tubes and how to get around.

I'll start reading through the class code and learn this, but a road map/overview of everything before hand would be beneficial during that process. (and help get many of us up to speed much faster) I am sure this is pretty basic stuff for those that have been developing with this methodology for a while so maybe it wouldn't be beneficial for the community at large.




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Well I don't know if this is what your looking for ( you would know better than me as you have 16 more years than I developing :) ) but this is some documentation someone here posted though like I said I don't enough to tell you if this is what your looking for or not but either way it's , I don't know if someone has generated one for rc1 yet but hope this helps you, and welcome to the community.