XF 2.0 Breadcrumbs on XF2


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Couple of questions

1 - How do you remove the breadcrumbs at the top (and bottom for that matter) of the main forum list page?

2 - How would you go above relocating the top breadcrumb WITHIN a forum and WITHIN a thread BELOW the forum title as well as BELOW the thread title?
1 - You could always display:none them in extra.less, or you remove the code from PAGE_CONTAINER (search for breadcrumb)

2 - still haven't quite figured out yet how to edit the breadcrumbs sadly :/

I did only upgrade yesterday though ^^


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What would I use to display:none them in extra.less, but keep them elsewhere?

.breadcrumb effects everywhere.. What would I attach to .breadcrumb if its possible that way?

Otherwise, I used to wrap this in the pagecontainer template:

<xen:if is="{$contentTemplate} != 'forum_list'">
breadcrumb code here

...on XF 1.x

What is the equivalent in XF 2?

Thank you!