Fixed Breadcrumb does not show forum

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I have asked this in an other thread, but have not got an answer, might it be a bug?

I am testing with two categories that has blank "Parent navigation entry" and Node as type.
They also have "Display children in navigation".
This makes every forum in the category show up in subnavigation, so clicking on the category you can easily choose any forum directly in the menu.

The problem I have is if I go into a thread, only the category is shown in the breadcrumb, not the forum.

Ovunc Dinc

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This is not a bug you can set the root breadcrumb options.
If you want the see Breadcrumb on forum_list templates you should choose Home :)...

Than check Home page URL settings in basic board info.

Try it ...


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A already have that, and I think you might talk about something else than I am asking about.
A guide how to use Public Navigation the best way might help, but I still think it could be a bug.


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I moved to another test install and forgot to edit Navigation section in node settings. Before that I didn't see the subforums under the category in navigation and the Forums tab was active, the breadcrum also worked there.

But the bug is still there when setting the category in its navigation section. The breadcrumb do not have the subforum only the category.


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I've made some changes here. Note that you will potentially need to force a breadcrumb rebuild after upgrading (by changing a display order) for the changes to apply.

We now reset the breadcrumb cache if the navigation entry of the child differs from that of the parent. This should ensure that the breadcrumb is correct at all times.