Bought branding free XF, now what?


I just bought the branding free option, and need to remove the branding. How do I do that without doing a fresh install? I downloaded a new full xenforo package and overwrote all files, but no difference. I don't want to install everything over because then all posts will be removed too.

How do I do this? :)


Edit: Also, I removed the install-lock.php, does this matter? I can't replace it since it is generated by the software and thus not in the install package.

Edit 2: Also... :p I'm a bit worried that I've messed up something with replacing all the files. I haven't, have I? I mean, all information are stored in the database, right?


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I'm not sure if a different footer template is included with the branding free option or not but if not, you can edit it to remove the copyright information.

Specifically this line:
<div id="copyright">{xen:phrase xenforo_copyright}</div>
Is it just the footer link which needs to be changed? I thought there perhaps were other hard coded branding too. But if it's not, I'm all set. :)


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Redownload the package, upload the files, then go to /install/ and reimport the master data.

If you replaced the data or internal_data directories (or config.php), that's a problem; you'll really need to restore those from a backup. You can just recreate internal_data/install-lock.php as an empty file. It just needs to be there.

Jeremy P

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The upgrade package is fine. The only real difference between the two is the upgrade package doesn't contain data/ and internal_data/ directories, so that there's no risk of overwriting them with empty folders and thus losing all your attachments.

Jeremy P

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You cannot overwrite files in a folder with an empty folder, so your attachments are safe.
That's really up to how the FTP client decides to handle that situation. Some do a delete-and-recreate type of thing on upload. I agree though that the most common ones (and any worth using) probably won't do that.