XF 1.3 bottom scrollbar when browsing XF on 15inch screen


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I recently browsed xenforo.com on a 15 inch screen laptop.

When clicking the orange "Sign Up Now"-button, then it shows a scrollbar (for scrolling left-right) at the bottom.

Why does it show that scrollbar at a 15 inch screen when clicking the "Sign Up Now"-button ?

Not sure if this is a XF-bug, but at least it looks buggy.



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Screen size is irrelevant. It's screen resolution that will affect whether a horizontal scroll bar is displayed or not.

I'm using a 14" laptop with a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 and there's no horizontal scroll bar when clicking the "Sign Up Now" button. I've also tried it on 1024 x 768 and 800 x 600 and there's no horizontal scroll bar on those either.


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I do not have any access to that laptop anymore, so I can not take a screenshot.

Anyway, there was no horizontal scrollbar at xenforo.com , the scrollbar only appeared when clicking the "Sign Up Now"-button.

The screen-resolution at that 15 inch laptop was fine, since no other website showed any horizontal (left - right) scrollbar at all.
It only showed a scrollbar at xenforo.com and only when clicking the "Sign Up Now"-button. (white-transparent mask active).