Board Title and Board Index Title change?


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Whats up guys...

I was simply wondering on how to change the Index Page title of the board to something else.

For example, my board Title is "GreatestDomain"

But my Board Index Title something like this "GreatestDomain - Find Everything you need"

I hope I am making sense here.

Board Title is used in various places, for example in the titles of threads it would say "thread_name | Board Title"

So if I used "GreatestDomain - Find Everything you need"

That would be too long, i'd rather want it to remain at "GreatestDomain"

but for the index page I want it to say something like this "GreatestDomain - Find Everything you need"

For example when Google Indexes your site's index page.

It would take the board title "GreatestDomain" and the Board Meta Description "blah blah description of your site"

How can I make it so instead of taking "GreatestDomain" it some how takes "GreatestDomain - Find Everything you need"

So the title of the index page instead of it being just "GreatestDomain" would be "GreatestDomain - Find Everything you need"

So google would index it as such.

but for other threads and stuff it would index it like "thread_name | Greatest Domain"

instead of "thread_name | GreatestDomain - Find Everything you need"

So to sum it up, how can you change the title of the index page only ?


John L.

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I am not sure about anyone else, but what I did was the following:

Login to the Admin Control Panel and visit Appearance. Edit Templates and find "PAGE_CONTAINER". In the title section of the HTML, change it to:

<title><xen:if is="{$title}">{xen:raw $title} | {$xenOptions.boardTitle}<xen:else />{$xenOptions.boardTitle} | Whatever Your Site Title Is</xen:if></title>

Hope that works for you!


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yeah, I was wondering how to change the Title from the text appearing at the Forum.
There was some advise somewhere many many months ago.... need to find it somewhere.

I discovered that Google is mainly focusing onto the title text.

It would be better to have 2 different fields in XF, one for the Title and one for the description which is named "XenForo Community" here at this forum.