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I´ve imported VB 3.6 data into XF 1.5 and the forum is running smootly :).
I have added the bmp extension to the attachment list and I am unsing Imagemagick.

The recreation of the thumbnails in the admin interface ran fine.

But in the forum there no thumbnails for bmp images and it is not possible to look at the bmp images. Jpg and gif images are fine.
When I click on the bmp attachments the files are downloaded... but not shown in the lightview box ....

Any ideas?

Thank you very much!



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Is there a reason for that? For a user it is just another image format und they normally don´t care what format their images have for uploading...
BMP is an obsolete, uncompressed format, which means the images are very large and slow to download. This means they'd slow your site down, and in rare cases they could cause timeouts when generating the thumbnails for them.

To be honest, I don't know of anything that generates BMP files anymore beyond Windows XP-era Paint, so it's perhaps less of an issue unless you have a specific use case where your users are getting BMP files a lot.
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BMP files have no place on the web nor on modern mobile/tablets, and frankly if your users are regularly uploading them you will quickly chew through your server's disk space.

Not even Wordpress supports BMP files, nor does any other web application I know of..

If you must use lossless images at the very least use PNG24/PNG32..
Ok, I see. As I said I moved from vb to xf The vb forum was qute old, so users uploaded bmp files in the beginning. In order to display the old messages correctly I have to convert all of those bmp files. I had hoped there was a quicker way of doing that.
It would have been easier to tell xf to generate those thumbnails instead of converting all bmp files and upload them again in the old messages...

Anyway thanks a lot!