XF 1.4 block Ip loggers/grabbers on XenForo?

is there a way to block these?


there a many more like these...

it very annoying on SB or when they get real server IP but i think that blocked when i tested it...

they get all the user's ips then they start dedossing them and us..


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For a system like that, you could use something like the image proxy. Your server would then be the one requesting the image.

If you're trying to hide your server IP, you're going to need to make more drastic and custom changes for your need. It's very likely that the IP is already leaked through emails.
i believe server ip is ok.. i tested this logger and i couldn't get server ip...

what i mean is if i use this in a thread...

every one who visits the thread there Ip gets logged into the logger

and if there is an option in user profile for avatar to upload an image from URL this linger can get server ip that way..

i heard it an XSS exploit of some sort and i not sure how to block it..

the image proxy is an idea but the thing is i have been using this: http://xenforo.com/community/resources/metamirror.2117/

since i started out with xenforo and the issue is it places all its images in a custom folder so i start using the proxy that other plugin may not work and cause issue and i cannot remove it or turn it off.. if i do images from all posts and profile images will be removed...

is there a way for me to tell image proxy to fetch all images on the site in one go?..

so i wish to use this instead of the old add one i have.. but i need the image proxy to fetch all images... b4 i disable old one..
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