using SMF?!


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What a shame. 5M posts. We ought to donate a license to a real forum script.

It just shows how quickly BitCoin has grown and how people who got in early without taking it very seriously had a huge first mover advantage.

Another example is MtGox. From the Wikipedia article on Mt Gox:
Domain name
In late 2006, programmer Jed McCaleb (eDonkey2000, Overnet, Ripple), thought of building a website for users of the Magic: The Gathering Online service to let them trade cards like stocks; in January 2007, he purchased the domain name, short for "'Magic The Gathering Online' eXchange"; initially in beta, sometime around late 2007, the service went live for around 3 months before McCaleb moved on to other projects, having decided it was not worth his time. ...

In July 2010, he read about Bitcoin on Slashdot, and decided that the nascent Bitcoin community needed an exchange for trading Bitcoin & regular currencies; a week later on 18 July, after writing an exchange website (which did not borrow any code from the 2007 project), he launched it while reusing the spare domain name.​

The dude couldn't even spare the $10 to register a better domain name, yet when the business goes down, a mere 4 years later, it has $450,000,000 worth of customer deposits. That's some real F.U. money.

Talk about first mover advantage...

(On an unrelated note, I hate the new XF quote fadeout feature and have started using indentation for my quotes instead, like I did, above. Can anyone point me to the tweak I can make that allows quotes to be longer before they start to fade out?)