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Oke i know this question has been asked a 1000 times but the solutions don't really work that well so.
my question is: how can i fix forum avatars to the size of 300 height and 150 width?
I know the editor (quick reply) will need some tweaking to compensate for a larger avatar area. I haven't test this in a while with the larger avatar, but on a fixed style I'm sure there was an adverse affect where the editor shifted to the right due the small sizes fixed widths styles have. So you may want to check the editor within the PC area, if you have a fixed width style applied or catering for the extremely low res users.
I do seem to be facing some problem, if anyone could help me out.

I followed the instructions posted on the link provided by Jake, set the correct height and width on the css. ".avatar .img.m { width: 150px; height: 300px !important; }"

The width works fine, but the height doesn't seem to play that well. The avatar is seeming to be "cut off" halfway, I'll attach a screenshot.

OJ1.webp as you can see the avatar is being "cut" halfway and is not reaching its full height.
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