Big thanks to Jake and Slavik!


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I know these guys have taken a lot of heat lately, but I want thank each one of them publicly.

Slavik helped ensure my redirect issue was correct, which solved my first problem.

Jake merged a myBB forum into mine without hesitation, which was my second issue.

I certainly appreciate the help I received from both of you. I'm sure you are both busy answering Q's here, moderating, doing your own sites... but to take time out of it all and help me out, was outstanding. Jake, I am really thankful that you did everything, even going an extra step or two after to finish up.

Thanks again you two.
Agreed. Jake just helped me import 70k posts from a Yahoo Group into XF. I wasn't even sure it would be possible and he made it look easy. :D
Jake and Slavik rock and so do A BUNCH of the solid community members here on :)

(I reserve the right to change my opinion after I catch up on a million posts and messages since I just logged back on today after a long stint offline) ;)
I might be a humble newbie, but Jake and Slavik's posts have already helped me out more times than I can count - so I concur: Thanks to you both! :)
Just to toss in my thanks - Jake has always been there when needed the most. He spent a lot of his time yesterday trying to help me do some things. He's inspiring. Both are inspiring. (y)
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