Better trophy system - current trophies are too limited

Stuart Wright

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If I'm understanding the point of trophies correctly, they exist to motivate members to contribute to the forums in various ways.
Currently they are awarded if a certain specific criteria hits a specific value. Award 5 points if they made 100 posts, for example.
But the way this motivates people is very limiting, because once they have made 100 posts, what motivates them to make more?
We can't keep adding more and more trophy awards to cater for more and more posts.

So what I propose is the ability to award n points for m number of criteria.
For example, we award 5 points for every 100 posts they make.
This then motivates people to continue posting ad infinitum and will give existing members the trophy points they deserve for posting vast amounts.
It should cater for custom criteria, too, from addons.

Apologies if this has already been suggested.

More examples:
  • Give 5 points for every year membership
  • Give a point for every 10 threads they create
  • Give 2 points for every Best Answer they authored
  • Give 10 points for every Showcase they create
  • Give a point for every 25 media items they upload
I hope I made this suggestion convincing. Please like if you agree so Mike & Kier implement it into the core :)


XenForo moderator
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Trophies of this type have been suggested previously.

I'm on my tablet at the moment so once I'm back at the PC, I'll link to the thread.


XenForo moderator
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I know I've seen it as I can remember it but I can't find it either.

I'll move this back and if it pops up again in the future they can be merged.
I have the same idea as Stuart.
I want to give members 1 trophy point for 1 post (or 1 like).
There's some suggestion from Martok, still it took forever to make a 10000 points trophy.
I hope Brogan can give some solution.
Thank you all.

Enguerran A

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I already proposed something like that before but it was more each message give n point and once you reach x messages, a special trophy is awarded (could be n times, nice suggestion) :D