Other Trophy System Job


Hey all,

I know this is something I can do myself but honestly the time commitment is something I don't have, so I would love to hire out for this. While this is simple technically speaking I am aware that it is a big undertaking time wise and I am willing to compensate fairly.

Currently I have a few basic trophies/achievements on my forums however I would really like to expand on them and add as many trophies as humanly possible. Whoever takes on this job basically has creative liberties on what trophies to make and what to name them, however I do want to point two things out that should be kept in mind.

1) The points awarded should make sense. I use a badge addon that has a leveling system (i can provide details on this), so I want to make sure the trophy point experience is consistent and smooth.
2) The website is a gaming community. When picking names, if you can come up with anything witty or funny related to gaming, tech, fantasy or pretty much anything nerd (or even pop) culture, that would be awesome.

Thank you and I hope to speak with somebody soon!