Better Homepage Portal?

I used Xenporta for awhile, but I am wanting something more high quality, and efficient. I was thinking maybe the ability to display 2 rows on my home page, and it not look so plain? Maybe The left side row to display a News Node, and the right side to display an Upcoming Events node.

What is my best choice for a portal?


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You have a few options that can be used for basic portals/home pages. Featured Threads is one addon you can use, you can make Articles into a homepage, or Showcase (depending on the type of forum you have). These are all very specific, but work well enough. You can use Widget Framework to make your own homepage.

I've tried all the options except Showcase, and am now sticking with Featured Threads for a 'homepage.' For a homepage, Xenporta was a bit too chaotic and unfriendly, design and feature wise, for me to stick around with.