Better demographic profiles of members based on site usage?


New member
We have a Xenforo instance with 250,000 registered users and receive about 9000 posts a month. We have 700,000 visitors viewing our website each month.

Google Analytics(free edition) only provides sample data but we would like to know EXACTLY how many users, sessions and pageviews particular forums/topics receive at particular times. The Google Analytics sample data isn't accurate and the premium edition is quite expensive for us.
Is there a better solution for recording users and clicks for particular forums?

We would also like to profile our members (and non members) better based on their behavior (what they click). For example, if a user clicks and reads multiple posts in our Automobile forum, we can assume they are interested in Automobiles. With this we can start to target advertising at them.

Does anyone have some suggestions on how we could profile our users better?