1. Kruzya

    Lack of interest Move Bookmark postDelete method to behavior

    Currently, for correct work bookmark on custom entities, developer should call method like _postDeleteBookmarks() in _postDelete() in own entity. For reactions, no one additional method don't should be called, because for reactions in structure added additional behavior XF:Reactable. I suggest...
  2. H

    Better demographic profiles of members based on site usage?

    We have a Xenforo instance with 250,000 registered users and receive about 9000 posts a month. We have 700,000 visitors viewing our website each month. Google Analytics(free edition) only provides sample data but we would like to know EXACTLY how many users, sessions and pageviews particular...
  3. AndreaMarucci

    XF 1.5 Behavior of New Post

    I really don't understand why in the New Posts screen I'm not able to see who's the last poster in each thread. I understand that the scope of New Posts is to see what are the new posts in each thread but I think should be useful to see also who's the last poster since, in my opinion, if this...
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