Add-on Beta testers for CMF (News/Portal/Blogs/Wiki/Tags)

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I'm very sorry for delay, guys! There was lots of offline work.

Of course not... You deserve to take as much time as you like and release only when it's ready... There is no sorry in this...!

But that does not prevent us excited folks from waiting anxiously and wishing for it to be released as soon as possible! :p
I'd love to test this, looking at a real alternative to XenPorta, been thinking whether or not to move to WordPress.
I wish there was some sort of ETA. I have a new project and would like to see this in action to know whether I go with this or go with the wp bridge...
It's only $39. Worth getting and using now and then when this Blog is ready, you'll have more knowledge to better compare the two.
I already have the bridge on my main site. If this has better features, why pay for something and then change the entire URL structure shortly after that if I move to this? Plus, it's a start up company so I'd like to not pay for anything I won't be using.
I would love to help in the beta testing of this awesome new addon and must-have.
Hi guys!

We have done all needed coding for the first beta and left all other preparatinon to the last moment. It's already tested and works in our sites for a long time. We thought that it would be easy to resolve payment problems. But unfortunately it became the main problem for us. Remind that we are coding the project together with Yoskaldyr. Paypal is a big headache in Russia: I can accept the payments but can't pay. But moreover it's a huge headache in Ukraine where Yoskaldyr lives. He can't even accept payments.

Unfortunately, we decided to cancel the idea of making paid addons. If we sell addons their price would include hardcore manipulations of getting cash from paypal and corresponding comissions. But we are not ready to sell addons for twice more price than we think they cost. Of course, you may ask about paying by credit card and etc. But lack of paypal would anyway decrease number of customers, therefore again increase the price more than twice.

I'm very sorry to everybody waiting this addon but it's not gonna happen. We will continue developing it as a hobby for our projects. There is also positive side of the news: every future addon released by me will be absolutely free.

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