Beta 5


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Ha ha ... the announcement was only posted an hour ago ... have you managed to install it and look around all the new bits and bobs already?

Shaun :D


Formerly CyclingTribe
I must say, I'm impressed with how quickly it's all coming together ... and the fact that people are moving stable sites on other platforms over to beta xF speaks volumes for how confident people are in the product.

Bring it on ... :D


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I haven't had a chance to take a thorough look at beta5 but I'm sure it'll will be another fine improvement. I've noticed one feature with the style template selection I like and the feature list in the announcements is a very welcome addition to this update. ;)


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I would certainly hope that every subsequent Beta release is better than the one before it. If Beta 5 was worse than Beta 4, then I'd be quite concerned about the state of the software.