Best way to connect remote server

I've been playing with the DigitalOcean setups and thought it would be nice to have the Elastic server different than the forum server. Is the tip to just connect it via IP: Port? Any tips on firewall setup for something like that?

I'd like to look into making XF more of a cluster type setup with multiple servers instead of one larger one incase it does go down one day.
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For the firewall, just limit access to the port that ElasticSearch is listening on to the source IP address of the main webserver.

EDIT: Also, if you have the droplets in the NYC2 datacentre, you can enable private networking between the droplets, so have them connecting to each other via the 2nd NIC


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I would definitely go with the private networking as @MattW pointed out. It reduces the chances of an issue, but I would still firewall of all other ports.
I did enable and choose NY2 for the reason of private networking.

Any tips or walkthrus, dealing with the's not something I'm 100% familiar with and would like to learn about.


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CSF really depends entirely on your needs. The config file is extremely well commented. For your usage, you'll simply want to open only the single port you need for ElasticSearch and blacklist all others. You'll also want to whitelist only your main server's IP with all others blacklisted.