XF 2.2 What's the best way to disable attachments and allow quick remote image upload?

My server is running out of space due to the large amounts of attachments also it makes backups very difficult and annoying to deal with. What is the best "overall solution" to not host images on the server itself but elsewhere? I want to keep the same functionality where you can just copy and paste images easily, drag 'n drop and so on except not hosted on my server itself.
I don't want to host the images myself, I want them to automatically be uploaded to something like imgur.com. This shouldn't be difficult to add as a feature.
I wake up this discussion but have you found a solution? I am currently looking for a similar feature to upload images to imgur transparently or with a popup integrated into xenforo. Thank you in advance
Try this

I have already tried this, the Addon is good but it is not possible to adapt it with another hosting like Imgur or other similar site
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