Best Media Player


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Can anyone recommend a good Media Player, it does not have to be free but it must work on Windows 7 (64-bit)?


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iTunes (No, it does not do any memory hogging, it does not crash, it does not slow your PC, and works just fine, specially if you enjoy Home Sharing with a Mac in your house.)


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BSplayer..win7 x64 compatible...simple to install...plays almost everything....and downloads all the codecs for you if you want while installing.


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Winamp is the best for Windows. The UI isn't the prettiest, but it has a lot of plug-ins that let you do everything from manage your iPod to play music ripped directly from video game ROMs.


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VLC will play pretty much anything you throw at it, even if the file is damaged. It also does well for DVDs.

Windows Media Player is also not bad.


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VLC is most likely one of the best players out there, plays pretty much everything - both music and video - isn't heavy on your system and does exactly what it has to do. And it's free.

Daniel Thomann

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+1! :D Love the software (and the player, for that matter).
Goes to off-topic but: I like the zune software a lot... the interface - BUT I miss the equalizer and a X-fade option...
Nobody mentioned WinAmp or Songbird... Well because I've an iPhone I have to take iTunes :censored: