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Best approach. VB to xenForo

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by klykken, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. klykken

    klykken New Member

    I have a an old vBulletin install
    Stats say 'Threads: 17,185, Posts: 90,415, Members: 10,907, Active Members: 469'
    Version is 3.6.5
    It's installed on domain.com/forum/

    What would my best approach be to switch? Do install in a new directory? I was hoping maybe someone had written a guide specifically on vb -> xenForo . There's so much info on these forums, I was hoping someone could direct me to the right place.
  2. Saarbruecken

    Saarbruecken Active Member

    You can rename the folder after completing the xF import, so it's domain.tld/forum/ again. And no worries, a guide vB -> xF ain't necessary, it's pretty much self explaining. :)
  3. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

  4. klykken

    klykken New Member

    Almost. Not only the import part, but how to deal with existing directories etc. Should I create this locally, then push to server. Or install on another directory on the server and then rename it to /forum/ when going live.. do you understand what I'm poorly trying to get at? :)
  5. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    It's entirely up to you how you do it; all of the methods you have described have been done.

    There is no right or wrong way.
  6. Blue

    Blue Well-Known Member

  7. klykken

    klykken New Member

    I just didn't want to have to learn lessons already learnt by someone else. Blue, I didn't want to change the directory name, but I could always find a way to redirect requests.
  8. Blue

    Blue Well-Known Member

    You can put it in /forum if you want. I imported an old vB this morning and the only thing that was installed was the old database.
  9. el canadiano

    el canadiano Active Member

    You can redirect something from /forum to /community with the 3.x redirections.
  10. klykken

    klykken New Member

    Yes, I might have use 301 (that's what you meant right?) redirects through .htaccess unless there another way to swap without any downtime.
  11. Brandon Sheley

    Brandon Sheley Well-Known Member

    If the vb forum is live now in a /forums/ folder and you want to keep it that way I'd go this route if downtime isn't an issue.

    Change the vb path to /forums2/ and also change the url settings in your vboptions to the new path.
    Then install xf in a /forums/ folder, follow the import instructions as well and add the redirect files.

    remove the /forums2/ folder when your sure everything has been imported.
  12. Dean

    Dean Well-Known Member

  13. el canadiano

    el canadiano Active Member

  14. Ingenious

    Ingenious Well-Known Member

    In my test conversion I had vB installed in /forum.

    I then installed XF in /Xenforo and ensured it was using a brand new, empty database.

    After backing up the vB forum and closing it to any new replies, I ran the XF conversion tool.

    So that leaves a working vB forum in /forum and a working clone of that forum but running XenForo in /xenforo.

    However as I wanted old vB posts to redirect to the new XenForo ones I kept the directories the same and instead used the XF redirect tools to switch people over to the new forum.

    It's a lot easier than it sounds and also quite flexible because as people have said there are a few different ways you can do this depending on what you need. When I convert for real I will be moving to a whole new URL and converting from vBSEO links too!
  15. klykken

    klykken New Member

    That is a great approach, the only downfall is all the links that are going to /forum/ will be broken during the conversion, however long it takes. But this might be the best option, thanks :)
  16. klykken

    klykken New Member

  17. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member


    The forums is hard coded into the URL.
    Just as threads and posts are.
  18. klykken

    klykken New Member

    This is close to what I had in mind.
    To make it perfect I would rename the vb forum to 'forumOld' and rename the /xenforo/ to /forum/ granted there's no broken links within xenForo I can't fix. IS the install directory defined in one place, or in every link in the db?
  19. Ingenious

    Ingenious Well-Known Member

    My understanding if you rename directories is that you'd need to put the XenForo redirect scripts into the new forum/ directory with XenForo, so that when people (or Google) try and access the vB pages (forum/showthread.php for example) they can be redirected to the new XenForo equivalent. After a while once all your Google links have updated you can then bin the /forumold directory where the old vB lives.

    I would recommend doing a test install and test conversion first, once you've bought a licence, so you can iron out any issues without time pressure of moving the site.
  20. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Moving to a different server directory in XenForo is very simple.

    How can I move my installation to a different directory?
    Update the Board URL in the ACP -> Options -> Basic Board Information and move the files to the new directory. You may need to restart the server for the change to take effect.


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