Been fun!

Tracy Perry

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But effective the first of July I'm bringing all my sites down (XenForo, IPS, WBB, etc).
Been getting bored with the administration of them (no fun any longer) and have taken up a few new hobbies/interests (one of the hobbies is shown as my avatar).
It's been a fun few years, but I figured I'm better at being a user on a forum than generating traffic on my own. ;)
I'll be keeping the domains that were in prime use as I have email tied to them (so no interest in transferring/selling them), but there wont' be any sites associated with them.

I'll probably check in here every now and then to see what's going on, but since I won't be using the script any longer I won't be able to provide any assistance on it.

Good luck to everyone and y'all have fun!

Bionic Rooster

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Sorry to hear we who have gained from your guidance and wisdom will not have you here to keep the light of sanity turned on. The sites you worked on were inspirational.
Best of wishes for your new interests and hope to see some of your musical interludes on youtube some day.


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Best of luck. A lot of people I've known in the forum game since the late 90s are following your path. It's definitely a rough time in the industry.