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I don't know if this is an ongoing issue, and my search-fu came up empty, so I'm gonna try here: When users on the forum are clicking the IMG code, and several others, its taking up to 5 seconds, not to mention flickering between blue, and then the theme colors. Here's what one member posted screen shots of the process looking like:

Stage 1:


Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Stage four - final window.

Chrome: Stage one (two seconds) -> stage two (two seconds) -> stage four. Every single time. First try, five seconds in total. Conceding tries four seconds.
Firefox: Stage one (three seconds)-> stage three (two seconds) -> stage four. Speeds up a little after first try.
Opera: Stage one -> stage three -> stage four. Sometimes stage one -> stage two -> stage four (sometimes preceded by a few ms of stage three). In the beginning about five seconds. After a dozen tries it fluctuates in between two and three seconds total.
YMMV. :dave:


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