XF 1.5 Quick Reply. Other Ajax requests taking forever. Normal submits are instant.


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Not sure how to begin to diagnose this.

Quick reply takes a very long time to go through. But clicking more options and submitting a reply there is instant.

Going to delete a post takes a long time to bring the overlay. But submitting the delete is instant. The common factor is Ajax requests versus full page reloads.

Multiple users. Server was a tad sluggish at the time of the complaint. Fixed that and noticed no improvement in the problem.


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Is there anything showing in the browser console?
Warnings for mixed content, only error is for a failure to resolve an address on an external gif for one of the particular threads i tested in.

Try with you addons disabled and in a default style.
Sigh will do. No changes in 3 months though. Kinda tough to swallow that it's not a server side issue lol. But at the same time it doesn't seem to be.


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I don't even really want to post the cause... Tapatalk lol. I haven't even updated to .13 and I know there is a problem with it already lol. One of these days, one of these days.