XF 1.5 BBCode in Help Pages?


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I guess it's not possible to use BB Code in the help pages. That's fine, but for spoilers it makes it difficult, because the replacement for spoilers is a bit different to a simple replacement, so it'd be a lot of code repetition just to get that going.

Any work arounds or ideas you could suggest to use BB Code in help pages?


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Short of custom development, the only option is really to render it to HTML (such as by making a post and viewing the source) and then pasting the result in.

Chris D

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Personally, I'd go for just calling the bb_code_tag_spoiler template in the help page template, e.g.

<xen:include template="bb_code_tag_spoiler">
    <xen:set var="$titleHtml">
        I have something to tell you...
    <xen:set var="$content">
        It's a secret!