XF 2.2 Display Title Ladders in Help page, how?


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Can someone explain to me what is wrong with the below code! I want to display the User Title Ladder in the Help page, but all the below code shows is "No items have been created yet" is there a simple solution to this?

<xf:if is="$user-title-ladder is not empty">
    <div class="block">
        <div class="block-container">
            <ol class="block-body">
                <xf:foreach loop="$user-title-ladder" value="$user-title-ladder">
                    <li class="block-row block-row--separated">
                        <div class="contentRow">
                            <span class="contentRow-figure contentRow-figure--text contentRow-figure--fixedSmall">{$user-title-ladder.user-title-ladder_points}</span>
                            <div class="contentRow-main">
                                <h2 class="contentRow-header">{$user-title-ladder.title}</h2>
                                <div class="contentRow-minor">{$user-title-ladder.description|raw}</div>
<xf:else />
    <div class="blockMessage">{{ phrase('no_items_have_been_created_yet') }}</div>
Is $user-title-ladder available to that template?

I suspect not.

You can dump it to check - {{ dump($user-title-ladder) }} .
Add the dump command to the template.

View the page.

If the value is null then the var is not available in the template and it would require additional work/coding to make it so.
hmmm, I don't think this works in my case, because the page I'm searching for is the page in the CP in the Admin area
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