bbcode image proxy possibility to resample for large image dimensions ?


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When images are being cached by using the image proxy for https, I'm wondering if it would be possible to resize down any images which are larger than a set size...or if it would be inadvisable to do this. For example if a user uses bbcode to embed images which are 6000 pixels wide making the page slow, could the image proxy resample the cached image down to 1000 pixels before caching for faster page loads...


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Related to this, under Image Proxy is the option to show a placeholder image for images above x-size in KB.

Is there a way to include a link to the original image in such a case instead of just a placeholder "broken" image when the bbcode image is too large to want to cache it?

A non-techy user may not realize what is happening with this bbcode for example
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There are no resampling options. That would require custom development.

The second point about large images is difficult as the size of the image isn't known and a large image is essentially seen as no different than any other failed image. I suppose it may be possible to do something with custom JS here, but there's nothing out of the box like this.