XF 1.5 BB code editor - table


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TABLE][TR][TH]This is a header cell[/TH][TH]This is a header cell[/TH][/TR][TR1][TD]This is a left aligned cell[/TD][TD1]This is a centre aligned cell[/TD1][/TR1][TR2][TD2]This is a right aligned cell[/TD2][TD]Left aligned[/TD][/TR2][TR1][TD1]Centre aligned[/TD1][TD2]Right aligned[/TD2][/TR1][/TABLE]

What is the code or how do I create it for a table 3 columns wide please?

Is there a way to see how the code and table looks before posting it? Rather than it being just code.


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Those aren't default BB codes, so generally it's not something we could help with.

The BB code would almost certainly need to be backed by an add-on to even support something like that, but I wouldn't expect that to really be offered. BB code isn't really designed to cover every eventuality of HTML.