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Add-on Basic Casino


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Nothing flash, just a basic casino where members can gamble the forum currency.

all on one page, Just text based. I us credits but suppose it should use any currency table from the db


Red or Black

win = 3 x stake loss = 0

Member selects red or black then bets x amount on red clicks bet button, the mod randomly selects red or black displaying the result on a new page with a link to play again.

The system deducts or adds currency to the members account as appropriate.

1 - 6

member selects a number 1 - 6 using radio buttons. Enters the amount they want to be then selects the bet button.

win = 6 x stake loss = 0

as above a number is selected randomly

High stakes gamble

A member can leave a gamble say $1000 (credits) This is listed on the casino page with a link saying Take bet. other members can also leave bets of their chosen amount

Any other member can choose to take any bet from the list as long as they can match the stake and the system willl randomly select the winner and state who has won. the winner will win $1000 from the other member.

once a bet as been taken it is removed from the list.

Like i said nothing flash, just a text based page. with maybe option for admin to add pics for the games if they like

also would be good if for the first 2 games you could some how set how likely a win was :D

this is kind of system is available on a few non forum sites
ignore the colours


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A good Poker Addon would be nice. Just remember that there was one for vB which has been almost converted to xF too but from what i remember the Coder went off?!
I asked for a casino: Add-on - Casino Add-on Request $100

Found out that @Bob B made one for Xenforo but won't release it.

and Lucky River made a poker casino or something like that but the setup is complicated. I don't know anyone who is using it.
Still busy working to add animation for the game. Framework has changed a lot since then but for the better. Below is a working in progress of card dealing animation:

There was few who managed to install this though but it's a big operation.