XF 1.2 Banning by moderators

I'm trying to find out if there is a way that a moderator can ban a user either directly from a post or thread, or from a member's profile.

I am currently moving a forum over from vB 3.8 to XF 1.2. In vB the primary method used by my moderators is to ban members by marking a post as spam and having the option to simultaneously ban the member. I thought there were similar features in XF but maybe that was prior to 1.2.

When logged into my test forum as Moderator or Admin, within a message thread, next to the member's post date I see:
member_name, Date, Edit Delete IP Warn Report

I also don't see the Spam Cleaner as described in manual. Both the Admin and Moderator are added as moderators, belong to Moderator and Super Moderator groups, and those groups have been given permission to everything. Same goes for the node permissions. I even tried removing these 2 members from other groups in case those were overriding the permissions.

Is this something that changed in version 1.2 or am I just missing something?


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The Spam Cleaner is only shown on a sub-set of users (depending on criteria defined in the ACP). You could add a warning that sets X amount of points which in turn triggers a warning action. Moderators do not have direct ban access.
Okay, I thought based on the Spam Cleaner instructions I would be able to simply click on a member's card/avatar and see Spam Cleaner. I will have to set up a warning level that instantly bans. My moderators perform 1-2 bans per day and they don't have ACP access.

What I'm still fuzzy on is why I don't see Spam Cleaner as described below:

The Spam Cleaner itself can be run from several locations:
  • On a thread or profile post by clicking the Spam link to the right of the time and date.
  • On a member card by clicking the Spam link which overlays the avatar.
  • On a profile page by clicking the Spam Cleaner link below the member name.
Clicking any of those links will result in a Spam Cleaner overlay from where you can select the actions to be taken. This can range from a simple IP check, to a permanent ban and removal of all content.

Instead of that what I see when logged in as Admin or Moderator:

As you can see there is no Spam Cleaner option on my pop up.



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Check your permissions and the spam cleaner criteria.

Note that you can't spam clean moderators.


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The user pictured in your screenshot has over 1,900 posts and has been registered for almost 2 years. Both of these don't meet the criteria to show the spam cleaner. As Paul said, you will most definitely need to check your criteria. Setting up the warning actions will allow you to ban any member as a moderator.


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If the Spam Cleaner isn't on the member card, it won't be on the profile. Unless the user meets the criteria, it won't show no matter where you try to see or use it.
I think I'm starting to get it, Spam Cleaner sounds like it is only for new or low post members who come in as spammers, as opposed to long time members who suddenly go on a drunken bender posting naked pictures of their ex wives.:eek:

The example has a large post count because I'm migrating in a vB forum that has been running for many years. I'll have to figure this out using Warnings. Thanks


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Yes. The spam cleaner can be very destructive, hence why it is default for small defaults. You should read the manual entry Paul posted above.

Stuart Wright

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So there is no way a moderator can apply or lift bans other than through the warnings system or the spam cleaner?
Admin and supers, presumably, are automatically given the ability. We can't find a setting.
Who gets the ability to ban?


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Out of the box, bans are only directly managed via the ACP. I think there's an add-on somewhere that changes that...