XF 2.2 Banned member conversation recovery


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I'm trying to locate a conversation I had as an admin with a member who initiated the conversation.

The member was merged with a second account and then banned. Since the ban the conversation does not appear in my list of conversations. How can I recover it?
Banning a member does not delete or remove any conversations they were part of.

Some other action (such as removing yourself) or add-on will be responsible.
After a certain time the name will not work with the autocomplete function in the filter box, not sure if this is the case but if so you can type it in manually or just browse for it to see if it's there. There's an add-on that addresses this as well.
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It was a very recent conversation so it would have been easy to find if it still existed in the list but it's gone.

I certainly wasn't aware that stored autocomplete data decayed so quickly, that could well explain other issues I've been having so thanks for the info.
Would there still be a copy of it in your emailed notification from the forum?
I didn't think of that. Unfortunately I regularly clear out my emails so I won't have a local copy. I will check the hosting server though, it might still be there. Thanks for the suggestion :)
Deleting an account also doesn't remove the conversation, even if they are the only other member.

Spam cleaning would though, if the option was selected.
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