XF 1.4 Banned member and avatars/Gravatars


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When a member is banned, what happens to their avatar options?

I know they cannot upload an avatar anymore. But, we just had a case where a banned member was using Gravatar, and their avatar was still displaying on the forum. Usually not a problem, but this banned member changed their Gravatar to something nasty in order to get back at us. We went in and deleted his Gravatar email address (which was different from the email he used to register), and the Gravatar is gone.

This does not seem like proper behavior of the forum software.

Have I missed a setting somewhere, or is this something that might be a bug? I couldn't find anything relevant in a search here. I would think that a Gravatar would be disabled upon banning, although I can see how that might be difficult to implement without wiping out the Gravatar email field upon banning.


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I might enter this behavior as a bug, then. What the member posted was quite vulgar. If someone is banned, there should be a mechanism to block the display of Gravatars from a banned member, perhaps by nulling out their Gravatar email or removing the Gravatar choice from their profile settings. We don't call attention to banned members, so having no avatar, or the last good avatar, is fine for us.

Tracy Perry

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I'll try. But it'll go nowhere like my other suggestions. There are not enough big board owners or admins here to make a difference.
I'm pretty sure that the add-on I indicated can use a custom image for the avatar and doesn't have to use the "BANNED" one that is included

Oh, look... it does! All you need to do is replace those images with whatever you want to be the default (a blank one, a sex neutral one, whatever)... just put it in your /styles/avatars folder with those names.

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