XF 1.2 Banned Member Able To Post?


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I imported all my banned members from PunBB / FluxBB. It seemed like all the info in the "Banned Users" section of ACP was correct.

Today an old banned member came to the forum and posted a reply to a thread.

I thought the bans maybe weren't imported correctly so I quickly went in to ban him, but when I clicked the ban submit I received this error:

This user is already banned. Please edit or delete the existing ban record instead.

The ban settings for this user:
Ban Started: Dec 31, 1969
Ban Ends: Never
Ban Length:
  • Permanent

So, if the user is already banned, how come they were able to post in the forum?

Any ideas on how I can fix this to make sure the banned members are really going to stay banned? I was going to send out a newsletter and now worry that a bunch of banned users may get the message and come create problems if the banned group isn't functioning properly



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The custom importer not have properly imported the banned members. Is the member in the banned user group?
There's no banned user group. :p

But it does sound like an import issue - notably, the "is_banned" field not being set correctly.


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There's no banned user group. :p

But it does sound like an import issue - notably, the "is_banned" field not being set correctly.
*shows my way out the door* I knew that, flash backs to the last software I supported. :p I still fully think this is all your fault I thought this... I'm not sure why! hehe


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We don't have a banned user group, so at first I was hoping that was the problem... but I guess there isn't suppose to be a banned user group?

If I go into ACP and search "Banned Users" for the person's username, they show up in that list.

Is there possibly something I can do via PhpMyAdmin, or a query I can run to get the ban to stick?

Here is what I see in the "user_ban" table for this user:


I just looked in xf_user table, and for this user the field is_banned is set to 0. I guess that needs to be set to 1 for all the imported bans?

We have 400 banned users in the user_ban table. I guess we need to find a way to set them all as "is_banned" in xf_user?

Thanks guys!!


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My query skills are terrible, so I'm thinking I might just export all the banned userID's into excel and create a concatenate that basically says: Update xf_users SET is_banned = 1 WHERE userId = x

Will that do the trick? Is there an easier way to do this?


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Thanks! I finally just did the following:

  1. Exported all the userID's from the banned list into a csv (via phpmyadmin)
  2. In Excel, did a =CONCATENATE("UPDATE xf_user SET is_banned = '1' WHERE `user_id` = ",A1,";")
  3. Copied all 400 rows that were basically 400 rows of UPDATE xf_user SET is_banned = '1' WHERE `user_id` = 1237;
  4. Pasted into the SQL box in phpmyadmin
  5. DONE!
Maybe not the best / most efficient way to do it, but it seemed to have worked.