Not a bug Banned email address phrase quite confusing

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The language file: email_address_you_entered_has_been_banned_by_administrator
phrase: The email address you entered has been banned by the administrator. Please try another.

The text shows when I ban a specific email address of a user and when I ban a whole email service provider. I think it is appropiate to display this message when I ban e.g., but not when I ban e.g. If I ban a specific email address I probably have some beef with this person and don't want him to try another email address. Also the guy who uses and has this email banned might not know that he has to use a or whatever email address instead (he might try and it's also banned). I think that needs improvement.

Specific email address phrase: Your email address has been banned, you are not welcome here (or maybe not even telling him what exactly is banned to begin with)
Email service provider banned phrase: We do not allow the following email addresses:,, . Please use another email service provider to register.

Chris D

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Unfortunately we don't really have any concept as to why an email is banned, our validation simply tells us if a given email banned or not.

You can feel free to post a suggestion for a change in the future, but there's not really anything we'd consider here as a bug. If you don't feel the phrase is suitable, or you'd like to add more clarity, then modifying the phrase would be recommended for now.