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Not a bug Banned email address phrase quite confusing

Affected version
The language file: email_address_you_entered_has_been_banned_by_administrator
phrase: The email address you entered has been banned by the administrator. Please try another.

The text shows when I ban a specific email address of a user and when I ban a whole email service provider. I think it is appropiate to display this message when I ban e.g. @gmail.com, but not when I ban e.g. theo123@gmail.com. If I ban a specific email address I probably have some beef with this person and don't want him to try another email address. Also the guy who uses @gmail.com and has this email banned might not know that he has to use a @yahoo.com or whatever email address instead (he might try @yahoo.com and it's also banned). I think that needs improvement.

Specific email address phrase: Your email address has been banned, you are not welcome here (or maybe not even telling him what exactly is banned to begin with)
Email service provider banned phrase: We do not allow the following email addresses: @gmail.com, @g-mail.com, @yahoo.com... . Please use another email service provider to register.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Unfortunately we don't really have any concept as to why an email is banned, our validation simply tells us if a given email banned or not.

You can feel free to post a suggestion for a change in the future, but there's not really anything we'd consider here as a bug. If you don't feel the phrase is suitable, or you'd like to add more clarity, then modifying the phrase would be recommended for now.