Add-on Ban User From Profile

I hate having to login to the admin panel to ban a user, anyway anyone could incorporate banning users from their profile and also allow mods to do this? There is no way for mods to ban bots, and this bugs me.


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Moderators can ban using the Spam Cleaner or Warnings - just set up a warning action with a high points threshold.
Create a warning action for however many points you want and set the ban period to permanent and then create a warning for that amount of points.
In the warning it shows you can add a user to a usergroup for the time they have their points. Can't you set the points to 100, and then just use it?

"A user receiving this warning can be added to specific user groups until the warning has expired."


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Did you read the manual entry I linked to above?

Create a warning with x points, set to never expire and which isn't editable. Let's call it "Ban User".
Create a warning action for the same x points to ban the user permanently.

If you want the user to show as banned in posts, create a Banned user group with the relevant styling and add to that group as part of the warning.


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It's a one off though.

Once you've created the warning and the action you only have to select a radio button on the warn page.