background not loading properly


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If you are relying on an external server for the image, then that could be the reason.

Consider hosting the image on your own server.

Jake Bunce

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It's working fine for me.

Chrome has some nice dev tools which allow you to see each individual request on a page. If you can reproduce the problem in that browser then the tools may give you some useful information such as a http status code. Also check your server error logs.

Rho Delta

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My background loads then turns white for users pretty frequently on many different pages. First we thought it was because we were not hosting the image ourselves, but I started hosting it and it is still happening. I haven't gotten any real answers in the other forum sections so I think it may be a bug of some sort. Thanks. Running 1.1 RC1


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I have moved the thread from bugs to troubleshooting as this is simply something related to your server or style.

You do already have a thread open on this though so I will merge them.


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I haven't had any issues with the background image loading here - tried in Chrome, FF, IE9, and IE7.

I'd recommend hiding all modifications to the style but that background image and see if you can still reproduce the problem. It could be related to advertisements messing with the page.