XF 1.2 Background doesnt work


I want to make one giant background for the entire forum. but the resizing is quite a problem. I used vertical repeat, but now it looks like this on short pages (e.g. the help):

I tried all evening with the style properties in HTML, Body and Page Width, but I can't fix it.

Can someone help me please??


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lol nevermind, it works now^^

@mods: thread can be closed, sry for the inconvenience
If you post the fix and what you did to resolve this I'm almost sure this will help others who have similar issues and do a search and happen to come across this post.


Alright :)

My solution was:

Admin CP - Style Properties: General - Body

remove all background settings, just clear all values, so you will have a transparent body-background

Admin CP - Style Properties: General - HTML

Set your background over the HTML settings: (this is important, so that the background always fits the size of the page, not just the size of your (main page body)

image: background-url
repeat: no-repeat (not necessary, cuz u wanna use only 1 big image)
position: fixed (this means your background stays in place when you scroll)

background-size:contain; (automatically fits the size of your image to the size of the page)
margin: 0 auto;