XF 1.4 Avatars not right after vb3.7 import

Ian S

Active member
hi all, after all these months of messing around with the dev xf site ive now found a problem with the imported avatars from vb, the large seem to be the same as the small, but if i go into mine and upload a new avatar there all fine, the picture quality is rubbish too, has anyone had this same problem is it just a bad import, im trying to get it closer to a big importt but aint got the time atm to do it, any advice apprec, i suppose at worse when live they will have to upload there avatars again

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
The default avatar sizes in XenForo are much larger than the default sizes in vBulletin and therefore won't scale up well, and for the most part will look poor until they are replaced.

Ian S

Active member
thanx for that advice chris i thought this was more than likely the case as when i loaded a new one it looked fine(y)