XF 1.2 One user will not import from vb3.7

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I recently completed a migration of a forum from vb3.7 to xen, after having had a license for xen for absolutely ages but not getting round to doing the work.

All has gone well, and people seem to like it, but one user has contacted me to say they can't log in. Investigation shows that this particular user wasn't imported when I ran the process. I cannot work out why. I have installed the Waindingo import tools addon to let me have another go at the user import without starting from scratch but it still won't import this one user. I'm at a loss as to why and can't see anything in the logs. Could anyone please suggest any troubleshooting I can do or logs that I haven't found (I've seen the server logs and the logs within xenforo admin).

I've enclosed a mysqldump of the user record from VB with personal details removed... any clues where I can look? Any help would be gratefully received.





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Yes, absolutely, I'm the only admin and I would have remembered doing that :)
What you can try is have that user re-register again then re-attribute his/her posts and threads back. There is a mod that restores deleted users. Or you can also do it with a couple of queries.

For posts

UPDATE xf_post SET user_id = x WHERE username ='oldusername';
For threads

UPDATE xf_thread SET user_id = x WHERE username ='oldusername';
And replace x with that member new id and oldusername with their old username

Then you might need to run the Rebuild Caches option at your acp.

It is worth a try imho. Hope it helps.
Thanks for the comments. I installed the "undelete users" plugin and interestingly it's found around 30 users with the same problem. I've "undeleted" Shaun's account and asked him to login, change his password, and let me know how things look. It seems to me that something did go wrong with the import but if I can use this method to get people back up and running, that's good enough for me.




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Do all of the users have no email? Though if that were the case, they would likely be merged into one account rather than a guest.

The other possibility is that the user is missing records in the userfield or usertextfield tables. That's really the only possibility that I see.


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It may be worth checking the source data to see if there is anything in common between those 30 members which would account for it.
Aha! I think you're onto something Mike, the ones I've looked at don't have an entry at all in the userfield table. As to why that could have happened, I can't imagine. I'm off to experiment with adding missing rows and will see if that helps :)
Marvellous... under the VB adminCP, I went to Maintenance->Update Counters and selected the "Fix broken user profiles" option. A new user import, and they have all made it over in one piece. Thanks very much for all the help! Hopefully this thread will help anyone else having the same issue.