XF 1.2 Avatar drag/positioning

When I change my avatar, I, as well as all my uses, am not able to drag the new avatar into a position I want, I cant move/drag the new avatar at all.

It just uploads without any further questions. The overlay, that normally shows up and enables sthe drag/position function, doesnt show anymore.

Can someone help me fix this please?

I wasn't aware that XF had this function... are you sure that exists? lol I can't seem to do it here.
yes it has:


you can drag the image to choose the right position for your miniavatar.

This overlay doesnt show on my forum (same as the member card). So it seems overlays in general arent working anymore. I didnt change the style, so I have no idea why the overlays arent working anymore!


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why have I never read that, that's pretty cool >.>
Probably because I tend to use default avatars or ready made avatars.

Now that I know... are you dragging the first LARGE image or the 2nd/smaller image?
Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 10.04.52 PM.png
haha madam oxymoron, I found that the Overlays were somehow disabled. Cant even remember disabling them -.- So I guess we can now both enjoy the drag function :p thx for your time