XF 1.4 Automatically Validating User Sign Up

Dan Hawkins

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We only want our customers to be able to use our forum.

I had an idea of using a text field (consisting of 6 characters in length)

Importing around 1000 unique ID's

Emailing our customer base 1 of the unique ID's each (it doesnt matter who receives what as the plan was to include the entire list in XenForo - but mailchimp can do this, just can't see how it's done on XF)

Then when the customer comes to enter the Unique ID, XenForo checks it is one of the required ID's.... If not the registration fails....

Is this possible and if so, how can I do it?

Thanks in advanced



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You could probably do it with a custom user field and a PHP callback.

It would require some programming knowledge though.

Dan Hawkins

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Managed to get a database setup, just struggling to get the call to the database to work... Not a bad suggestion at all that, Paul!