Implemented  Automatic Title Case

Anthony Parsons

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This is more of a neatness effect, so a forum admin can adopt a specific style to forum titles. Since PHP has the functions to change strings to lowercase, uppercase, startcase, etc... I believe it is a little nicety that refines a forum and removes the often clunky, misguided methods of typing thread titles.

Sentence case:
Start case:
Lower, Upper, etc:

Would be nice as an admin to just check an option to enforce a set title casing across the forum, regardless what users type.


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I fully supported this suggestion at vBulletin...I will fully support it here, as well. :)
It would be an admin option; so it would be easy to turn off and on.
Exactly...just because it won't work for other languages, doesn't mean we shouldn't have it for the language(s) it DOES work for.


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Can't you just use text-transform in your CSS to do this? It'll save on the serverside code (if you're doing it via PHP).


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I don't oppose this feature since it's optional, but I honestly don't see why one would want to apply these changes to a thread title.

What if my thread title includes a book/movie/other-work title? Then it's going to get changed and essentially be improper. e.g., "Have you read State of Fear?" (proper) -> "Have you read state of fear?" (improper).

I personally would be irked if a forum changed my thread titles from proper capitalization to improper capitalization.


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Seems a bit draconian to me.

What if I want to do a thread title in all lower or uppercase?
Then on your board you can. While all lowercase isn't bothersome, READING A TITLE LIKE THIS WOULD BE QUITE ANNOYING. People generally find all caps more annoying than anything else.